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25 October 2022
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Everyone focuses on having a significant social media presence in the evolving digital world. But, whether it is an individual, a group of individuals, organisations, or businesses, everyone has their fair share of struggles concerning their social growth.

Why outsourcing social media can benefit your business?

The most important question is why social media presence is so significant and what benefit does it bring to each entity?

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media presence is a way to establish communication between brands and their target audience through the use of marketing campaigns. Whether it is a blogger, business personnel, or anyone in digital marketing, a lot of people look into outsourcing social media. They put their trust in an external expert service that takes over the responsibility of establishing a social media strategy, aiming to develop a direct relationship with the clients so companies can interact personally.

Therefore, it is clear to us that outsourcing social media marketing can solidify someone’s credibility and online reputation in today’s digital age. We have plenty of blogs which are essential to help guide you in the right direction such as ‘The top 10 tips for developing a social media strategy.

“How much time is too much time on social media?”

It is common for many people to question how much time is too much time to spend on social media and how it could affect them.

Yes, devoting your time to social media marketing and its activities must always be healthy and it’s recommended you shouldn’t go over a time scale of thirty minutes to one hour a day. However, social media hunger has led to increased social appetite amongst individuals, resulting in research stating that an average user spends six hours and fifty-three minutes online daily, almost equal to an office shift!

Therefore, always be mindful of spending a healthy amount of time on your social media accounts. Remember to use your time on there efficiently and effectively and not be side-tracked by irrelevant subjects, the purpose of being online is to share your voice, and content, check your insights and make needed connections.

Do you want to know of some interesting social media marketing hacks? Check out our blog page to be kept up to date.

How establishing a brand voice can benefit your company

Every brand-oriented business or organisation works on increasing brand awareness by creating a solid online social media presence. Companies usually outsource their social media marketing to experts to achieve marketing goals by generating higher quality leads, ultimately maximising growth.

A great voice helps your brand stand out from the rest in the competitive marketplace. Establishing a brand voice also helps create stronger brand loyalty where the brand can attract new customers and give insight to learn more about the product, relating to a business’s vision and mission.

Finding the brand’s right personality to customers connects them to the product’s culture and qualities, ultimately making your brand even more recognisable. So next time you aim to develop a brand voice, consider hiring an outsource team for your social media who know the do’s and don'ts of managing social media.

The dos and don’ts of social media management

Although many businesses tend to step into social media management. However, many lack the understanding for producing an effective social media management strategy. But don’t worry; we’re here to walk you through the most important do’s and don’ts of social media management.

Before jumping into the points, here are essential statistics reflecting that modern businesses don’t realise the full potential that can be achieved through their digital efforts.

  • 92% of social media marketers are unaware of marketing tactics.

  • Over 85% of social media marketers are unaware of the best way to connect with customers and put in social media efforts to find a target audience

  • 86% of in-house employees who own social media accounts of companies do not know the essential tools to use social media effectively

Keeping this in mind, here are a few do’s and don’ts we have collected for you to understand how B2B and B2C businesses can outsource social media management and grow their business on a larger scale.

The Do’s

  • Develop a marketing strategy to help achieve end business goals, specific aims, and those that can help your business grow. This can include planning a social media marketing campaign to achieve the strategy effectively.

  • Choose the right social media platform so your business can help find out the potential market to further invest resources and identify the target audience. Identifying the target audience is the actual gameplay on which customer loyalty, consumer preference, consumer behaviour, and other factors rely.

  • Use the right social media marketing tools to help escalate the strategy your team has developed. Hootsuite, Buffer, and Hubspot are just a few marketing tools that can help connect social media networks, allowing the business to scale up.

  • Measure metrics timely to check if brand awareness has helped meet the goal, or ROI, and measuring referrals or sales has allowed brands to gain insight into engaging their audience and gaining new followers.

The Don'ts

  • Remember that not everyone is meant to be pleased. So, where you find a loyal customer audience, do not try to please everyone. Remember that the business goal has to satisfy the target audience more than any other person.

  • Don’t use the personal touch when engaging in demographics for new content. Instead, ensure that whatever is in your sales funnel is achieved, keeping messages targeted and curated to your brand’s unique personality. Put the brand first, always.
  • Don’t ignore your target audiences' preferences. Disengaging with your audience is probably the worst thing you can do on social media, you want to match their needs in order to keep that loyalty. Consumers will interact with your brand if it fits their needs and they feel it is worth their attention, so make sure to exceed their expectations and match their preferences.

These do’s and don’ts help us understand social media management and give us an idea of why brands should consider social media outsourcing. Still need some more convincing, we’ve got you covered below.

Why should you consider social media outsourcing?

Social media outsourcing can prove to be a game changer for your business. Companies especially spend a lot of time hiring an in-house social media manager who will arrange resources that will ultimately add up to the budget of the company’s expense. Also, another additional concern is that it is not entirely true that an in-house social media manager will team up with departments effectively and build a team from scratch for a robust social performance of the business.

Outsourcing social media management helps immensely when you partner with a third-party agency, where highly skilled people manage your business’s social media presence. The key to understanding is that the company must work smarter, not harder.

Where the list of social media platforms is enormous, an experienced partner agency will be able to understand your business’s responsibility with skilled professionals designated for the respective job. Outsourcing social media will then help in saving time that would otherwise be lost in trial and error management efforts, saving the business from any financial risks. As the third-party agency will be the one who is taking accountability and responsibility for marketing efforts instead of the in-house marketing team.

A third-party agency is trained to translate any complex, analytical data and convert it into reports with key insights into investment performance, this will result in a more understandable reporting of ROI. This will transform your business’s social media presence to the next level where a third party can deal with the strategy.

Let someone else deal with your strategy

Letting an external social media agency deal with your marketing strategy simply means making your customers fall in love with your business.

Many companies choose to outsource social media management, allowing a third party to deal with their marketing strategy. The professionals hired will use their personal experiences and high skills by combining consumer demographics with the business’s marketing strategy. That will help the business benefit from platform-specific knowledge regulated as a social media presence.

You’ll benefit from platform-specific knowledge

A third-party agency can understand that sharing ideas and collaborating creates innovative ideas to evolve the organisation, meeting changing business needs. The platform-specific knowledge falls under the umbrella of knowledge management, where expert help from the knowledge base improves productivity and allows better cross-functional collaboration.

You’ll get expert help

Getting expert help in social media outsourcing helps publish authentic content, build brand awareness and boost sales. In addition, expert assistance or an expert opinion can significantly reduce the risk of social media mistakes, such as investing money in generating leads at the wrong hour.

You can save yourself from social media mistakes

Usually, in-house social media managers lack awareness of the dramatic problems that can cause a high risk of sliding out of the budget or falling away completely. Small mistakes such as posting at the wrong hour don't help the business receive round-the-clock coverage, in fact, it could lead to a decrease in possible engagement.

Round-the-clock coverage

Social media does not sleep; this is precisely what round-the-clock coverage hints to businesses: the world is awake 24/7. When local clients might be sleeping, international clients are awake, so, therefore, social media outsourcing helps with round-the-clock coverage, contributing to the high growth of the business.

You’ll have access to specific tools for social media management

To achieve a significant social media presence, you must have access to all available social media tools to accelerate your performance. Outsourcing social media gives access to premium marketing tools that serve as a powerhouse in growth and increase development at all times. Since making your business look good is their job, you don’t need to worry about finding all these tools, third-party agencies have you covered.

Making your content look good is their forte

A third-party agency is trained and hires skilled workers to make your content look the best while growing on a social or digital platform. It will help in a number of ways when your content starts getting an outside perspective after the agency has worked hard to make your content look good. After all, it is their speciality.

You’ll gain an outside perspective

An outside perspective from the third-party agency will help your business amend or adapt to different strategies. In addition, they will help you identify the risks and possibilities associated with your social media outsourcing, helping you accelerate the business’s growth even more.

Find out how we can help boost your social media strategy by getting in contact with us today and a member of the team will be in contact with you within 2 working hours.

How can I outsource social media management?

Hiring or outsourcing social media management requires you to do the following

  • Choose a trustworthy social media consultant who can guide you accurately throughout the process. The person should be qualified and reliable, so your brand’s responsibility can be catered to.
  • Keep up with your consultant’s work ensuring that all milestones are met according to the deadline. Also, ensure that work is being done correctly so that your business is being represented in the correct light.
  • Consider hiring for setup and content strategy, as it will help you in waves. For example, if the social media strategy is weak, the consultant will prompt beforehand. In addition, it will save unnecessary hassle.
  • Ensure that you are engaged with the team to prevent any minor errors or mistakes that could become a problem in the future. Ensure that the agency personnel can help develop your brand’s unique identity.

How outsourcing social media can benefit your business

Social media outsourcing can help grow your business in multiple ways, some of these include scalability, expert skill and knowledge, access to premium tools, enabling your business to use social media resources, saving up on overhead costs that require hiring a workforce and training them, and increasing your response time on social media. All while working on improving your social media presence and driving ROI.


All in all, outsourcing social media greatly helps accelerate your business’s growth. Allowing you to expand your brand's knowledge and offerings without trial and error or a lengthy recruitment process. A third party can act as an add-on to your business to help achieve your social media goals.

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