3 Ways To Get Your Audience To Fall In Love With Your Brand This Valentine’s Day

02 February 2023
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Valentine's day is fast approaching, making it the perfect time to generate new content to spread love and joy to your audience. In this blog, we’re going to give you 3 ways you can spread the love this year.

Humanising Your Brand Through Seasonal Branding

Humanising your brand always attracts an audience because it gives your brand personality and makes you relatable and approachable. It helps build a loyal customer base and allows your audience to feel like they are on a similar level to you. If you understand their challenges, desires and objectives, you’re perfectly placed to meet them!

So, this Valentine's Day is the perfect time to bring in some branding that not only builds a personality but can also fit the Valentine's theme. It can be as simple as building an email campaign, creating social content or even bringing something special to your website.

For example, on some special holidays, Google subtly reworks their logo to fit the season, making them seem responsive and personalised as they appreciate the holiday. There are multiple ways you can do this for your brand too, bringing in Valentine's Day colours such as red, pink and white, you can also add heart shapes, flowers or even teddy bears to fit the theme. Sure, this might not work for every brand, but it’s certainly worth considering.

Remember: keep it professional, keep it on-brand, but have a bit of fun!

Bespoke Content

Without content, you have no fuel in your marketing engine.

Quality content is what draws in an audience, gets your brand name out there and can attract new consumers. Creating some Valentine's Day bespoke content is a great way to bring in an audience by jumping on the social event with a seasonal reference. Some brands just aren’t reworkable to fit a Valentine’s theme, but making relevant content can be a simpler way to position your business for the event.

The content’s complexity will depend on your objectives and timeline, but remember to focus on the core themes of sharing, love and human connections. A good example of this is Frankie and Benny’s back in 2019; they made a Valentine's Campaign based on the iconic Lady and the Tramp sharing their spaghetti. This a great example of a brand's content working to fit the season, with F&B featuring the famous pair sharing a signature dish of Italian meatballs. The campaign is our favourite example as it nails the seasonal reference from a foundation of good, classic Italian dishes. It’s on-brand, memorable and a good bit of fun.

Valentine's day content will be trending throughout February, so it’s time your brand jumps on the trend and does the same. Your audience will appreciate you taking the time to create specific content too. It shows how you’re on-trend and humanises your brand. Try to connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way; it will also bring in new customers and resonate with them. You want your brand to seem as personal as possible when it comes to keeping your audience engaged.

Another great way to amplify your content is through giveaways. Consumers love free things (who knew?) and around Valentine’s Day is no exception. Hosting giveaways will be a great way to attract your audience but also new consumers, you don’t even have to do Valentine’s Day-themed gifts either, you should just make sure to link your giveaway to the fact it is Valentine's Day. Get into the spirit of gifting with an on-brand & cleverly positioned giveaway!


It’s a special occasion, so why not shock your audience with something unexpected but meaningful? Over-delivering might sound commercially scary, but it’s a great way to make your audience feel like you understand what they want. If you’re in a competitive space, being the brand that goes ‘above and beyond’ could just be the key to success; you don’t just meet standards, you beat them!

Some examples of this are delivering your offering in a quicker time, giving your consumers ‘extra’, and finding ways to surprise them.

For example, if you offer a subscription-based product, give your subscribers something extra this Valentine's Day. It can be as simple as a personalised note, some chocolate or even branded merchandise. Over-delivering needn’t be expensive or arduous. Just make sure you give your audience a surprise that they will appreciate.

For both new and existing customers, an act of over-delivering will be a real winner for your brand. New customers will immediately feel you’ve rewarded them for giving your product a chance; a positive experience just means they’re more likely to become repeat custom. Existing customers will feel valued and appreciated, hopefully cementing their loyalty for many months to come.

So, now you have some quick tips to bring your audience closer this Valentine’s Day. The holiday seasons are the best time to make your brand stand out. There are genuinely thousands of ways to do it. Still not sure where to start? Get in touch with us & we’ll be happy to help you with your marketing plans for this season & whatever’s next!

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