Fit for Purpose

At Ideal Insight obsess about being a "fit-for-purpose" video production and social media management company but what does this mean exactly? On this page we explain what we think is the secret to our success over the last 10 years in producing captivating content tailored to you.

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Commercial focus

Our commercial focus means we centre our strategy around your business to deliver the highest quality finish, providing first-class service from brief to completion. Our relationship with you is key to a successful partnership. We listen more than we talk, during the briefing process, so you can rely on getting a response that fits your exact needs, even if you aren't sure on quite the best way to get there.

Growth focus

Founded in 2012, we've grown from a one-man office to a multi-national agency producing creative video and social campaigns for ambitious brands around the world. From start-ups to large corporations, we're proud to have developed a five star reputation for speed in producing exceptional content that is uniquely tailored for each and every brand that we work with. We understand the pressures that companies are under when producing quality content. So when you engage with us, you'll notice we set a few important milestones around speed, that are so important to organisations like yours with a growth mindset. First of all, we will respond to your enquiry within 2 hours. Secondly, we can work to your deadlines - often delivering incredible video content back to you within 2 weeks.

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Process The content

Industry Experience

Producing new content can be a difficult and time consuming process. Our account management team fully manages your project from start to finish and provide a dedicated point of contact for you throughout your project.

Solve your creative

  • Get a quote in two hours
  • Social from £650pm
  • Video from £1,500
  • Content creation from £300