Original Social Content: A Must Have In 2019

13 March 2022
Original Social Content A Must Have In 2019 feature

If your business is not active across social media channels, you are probably going to struggle when planning activity to target new audiences in the future. Most companies are now embracing the world of social in their own way, but how do you stand out in such a crowded marketplace?

With Instagram now trialling hiding likes on posts in Australia, how are companies going to benchmark success moving forward? Not only this, the influencer buzz caused many marketers to change strategy, but if likes are out the question, how will businesses rate the success of their influencer assets? The answer is, you will still be able to see the engagement stats in Insights and Ad Manager, but the bigger question is will this impact influenced buying decisions from their following?

Many platforms are now developing everchanging algorithms that are even baffling social media marketers, so now (more than ever) compelling ad content is key. Facebook are now rewarding publishers for original content, prioritising this over “unoriginal or repurposed content”. Theoretically this should reward pages with a loyal fanbase and work in favour to increase their audience size, but with Wordstream reporting “Organic reach is dead”, will this come at an expensive price tag?

Video is now a crucial part of most marketing plans, with a staggering 87% of digital marketers writing this into their plans. So, if original content is now crucial to organic social media success, how can your business continually create engaging content?

Many of our clients come to us with this question and there is always something to share. Testimonial (or talking-head) videos can be done by any company and can give users an insight into the people behind the company, but to stand out and be engaging, they need a creative edge to not become stale and to steer away for conventional ‘seen before’ material.

We have also seen a spike in video animation company production videos, as well as the use of animated graphics within videos to support and contextualise the narrative. This is a great way for any business to explain how their company, or even a complex business area, works as the need for physical footage is not always needed; still imagery or even full animation can be used to create some great video content (example below). For those businesses lucky enough to have a product or service to show-off, the possibilities are endless!

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