Social Media Management From £650 PCM

Whether starting out fresh or looking to ramp up existing activity, our social media marketing packages start at £650 per month, with incremental levels of support and deliverables designed to suit different business needs.

Monthly Packages

Our experts have designed 3 monthly social media marketing packages to choose from, built around different business needs.

Plans Push
Starting out or building on what you already have, *Push* provides the basis for audience growth and engagement.

Per Month

  • 16 static posts
  • 1 personalised video
  • 2 personalised images
Plans Pro
Pro - recommended
Pro takes the core elements of Push and add another level of content

per month

Learn more about our Pro Package

  • 32 static posts
  • 2 personalised videos
  • 4 personalised images
Plans Advanced
Advanced combines the best of Push and Pro and adds another layer of marketing with a monthly blog.
  • 32 static posts
  • 2 personalised videos
  • 4 personalised images
  • 1 blog post
  • 1 email campaign

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Better search engine ranking

When a user shares your content via social media, this acts as a high quality backlink that helps to improve your website's overall search ranking. Also, the more effective your social media content, the higher the social profiles will rank in seach engine results.

Improved brand recognition

Well branded social content sets your brand apart from the competition. With the correct branding applied to the content, over time, this builds brand recognition. Brands with high authority use subtle branding but are instantly recognisable so the correct creative treatment is key.

Humanise your brand

Give your brand personality and remove the faceless corporation stigma that many companies struggle to overcome. This doesn't mean you need to use casual language, but careful and consistent social media marketing gives your business charisma without the help of word-of-mouth marketing.

Higher conversion rates

Studies from Hubspot show that lead conversion rates through social media are 13% higher than other channels, this makes social media a vital part of the sales journey.

Build brand loyalty

The more users engage with your content, the more likely they are to choose your over a competitor. Social media has bred a new era of brand loyalists, captivate your following with social media!

Increase Traffic to your website

Attaching links with your social posts will increase traffic to your website, giving you a greater chance at converting more users. This traffic is completely free and the users are more qualified, already entering your website with an understanding of the business.

Social Media strategy that delivers

Simple and hassle free

Let our in-house specialists plan your social activity and create beautiful stand-out content for your feed. We’re ready to help run your channels for you and help make social media management simple.

Social Strategy
The Content
Social Advertising

Social Strategy

Whether we create one post or an entire campaign, strategy is vital to ensure consistency within your social feeds. Your dedicated account manager, along with our creative team, will work with you to produce a solid strategy, so every output is on brief and delivered on time.

The Content

As Bill Gates said “content is king”, and this could not be more true. If you want your fanbase to share your content, it has to be engaging. At Ideal Insight, content is at our core and we champion ourselves on the creative content we produce.

Social Advertising

To reach a wider audience outside your network, adding paid spend behind your social posts will gain greater engagement and reach. Through boosted posts or paid social adverts, your social ads can prospect new potential fans based on the targeting settings applied.


Reporting is essential to understanding if the strategy is effective for your business. We compile reports in an easily digestible format, sent to you regularly with recommendations to ensure we are constantly improving and aligning the content to your business goals.


Taking the recommendations from the reports, we constantly review the content throughout the duration of the campaign to see if any improvements can be made. This will be reviewed with you and applied to the next round of content produced.

What our clients say

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