20 Video Uses For Your Business That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

17 August 2021
20 Video Uses For Your Business That You Havent Thought Of Yet feature

When it comes to marketing, video is king and it’s taken the marketing world by storm. It’s projected that video will continue to grow, from 2017 to 2024 WordStream predicted that digital video ad expenditure will increase by a massive 41.9%.

Consumer consumption of video is going up, as is the number of companies investing in video marketing – how can you ensure that your online video stands out?

How are we using online video?

Video is a crucial part of any social media strategy. In their State of Video Marketing Survey 2021, WordStream spoke to video marketers across the UK, and discovered the most popular video types made by marketers:

How are we using online video

With the majority of video marketers producing video with the same purpose the space is becoming congested. How can you break the mainstream and be original with your use of video?

Video uses that you haven't thought of yet

  1. Behind-the-Scenes – Consumers love to see the inner-workings of your business. Film short snippets of your day that will help your customers get to know you and your office such as a birthday lunch or a quick office tour

  2. How it’s made – Engage your community by giving them a sneak peek to how your products are made or your services are achieved.

  3. FAQs – Viewers don’t have the time to trawl through FAQ pages reading to find the answers to their question, instead answer your question with a video for a personal touch.

  4. Gifs & Memes are so in right now! Try mixing up your content with some video-based humour.

  5. Thank you! When a customer buys from you, why not send them a short personalised video message to say thanks?

  6. Video Customer Support – Zoom’s big right now, try making time for your customers to arrange an online video to answer any questions they may have.

  7. Interviews can be a great way to introduce members of your team or share industry knowledge.

  8. Q&A Live Event – Schedule a live session to be broadcast on your social media channel stories to answer any questions that customers may have.

  9. Webinars can be a chance to show off your industry knowledge and expertise which can be recorded and chopped up and used on social media.

  10. Reuse & Recycle your long-form video content by chopping it up into optimised, 10-15 second video clips. Your short video could highlight an important stat or demonstrate a cool shot.

  11. Mission Statement – reinvent your home page with a video mission statement where you can really sell your business.

  12. Blog Videos – spice up your blog page with supporting videos to condense and highlight your main points.

  13. Onboarding Videos – videos are not just useful for marketing, they can change the way you operate your business internally as well, such as for onboarding staff! Introduce your company through a video and save the basic questions.

  14. Training Videos – furthering the use of video internally, videos can be used to train your staff with basic work skills. Just pop your headphones in, sit back and learn!

  15. Enhance your newsletter updates by including video. Viewers retain 95% of a message in a video compared to 10% when written, so get across your key points in video form for maximum engagement!

  16. Boomerang and Story Content is a great way to engage video into your social media marketing strategy.

  17. Influencer marketing is huge, why not involve a relevant influencer and show them demonstrating a product?

  18. Unboxing videos – user-generated content such as unboxing videos make for an endless stream of engaging content – and you don’t have to do much work for it! Offer perks for customers who comply, and the content will come rolling in.

  19. Video CTAs can be spread across your website, offering a personalised, engaging way to urge your viewers to get in touch.

  20. Create a video library to compile all of your fantastic video content in one, easy to locate place!

Come to think of it… maybe we’ll make a video out of these points!

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