10 Reasons Your Event Needs a Professional Videographer

13 March 2022
10 Reasons Your Event Needs a Professional Videographer feature

With event season now upon us, every company is looking for ways to effectively promote their business when attending industry events, conferences and parties. But what is the best way to boost brand awareness and generate conversions from a physical event?

Event photography is nothing new, but video is breaking through as a more effective way to capture the energy of your event and document it for promotional use. Demand for video production london services has shot up in the last few years.

Video is now an essential part of any marketer’s content strategy, with engagement from video content drastically increasing as sharing platforms become more sophisticated. Simply hashtagging a picture of your event, or checking the company into the venue location is not enough to grasp the attention of your audience anymore.

So here we’ve outlined our top 10 benefits of to event videography.

1) Increase your visibility within search engines – companies who use video on their website are rewarded with better search engine rankings. Google reads sees video as engaging original content and the higher the engagement stats, the better the rewards in their eyes.

2) Create event longevity – video not only documents the event, but allows the content to be accessible 24 hours a day. Users are able to gain a feel for the company’s credibility, which gives reassurance and builds trust for any future events you may wish to host.

3) Improve internal training – using video as a way to promote internally and as a training aid guarantees improvement of productivity and success of future events.

4) Create shareable content – video can be shared at the click of a button, achieving greater social engagement when compared with to picture and text posts.

5) Promote your business – the content can be used in paid advertising to the promote the business and increase attendance for any future events.

6) Create versatile marketing material – multiple departments within your company can use the video content for their own business goals; Sales may use it as a tool to sell the event and marketing to raise awareness and promote certain benefits.

7) Discover new audiences – video speaks to a wide variety of people compared with traditional marketing. The use of video on social platforms allows you to discover precise demographics and audience criteria as they engage with your video.

8) Increase your brand reach – video allows those who were unable to attend your event a taste of the experience, whilst promoting your business and event for future attendance.

9) Showcase your work – the video can be used internally and as part of client presentations to promote your brand and showcase expertise and creativity.

10) Add value – the video may contain information only available at the event, this information is can be a valuable tool to attract users to leave their details in exchange for access to the video.

Whatever the occasion, Ideal Insight have the experience and expertise to capture your event. From affordable, single camera solutions, to large scale multi-camera broadcasts, we provide high quality, compelling video content that captures the key moments and leaves you with versatile, shareable marketing and sales material.

Our Events page and portfolio of work can be found here.

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