Animation: The Best Video Accessory For Your Business

13 March 2022
Animation The Best Video Accessory For Your Business Feature

Video is fast becoming the go-to-channel for marketers to utilise within campaigns, but what if your business is difficult to portray with traditional media?

When you picture animation your brain probably thinks back to those memorable childhood favourites, but there are many types of animation more relevant to commercial purposes. Below are some types of animation that can be applied to commercial video production, with a brief overview to how they are used:

Motion Graphics:

This is the most used animation type at Ideal Insight, combining real footage with graphics overlaid. Overlay styles can include Typography, Graphs or Animated Logos.

2D Animation:

There are many types of 2D animation, but the most well-known examples include Character and Graphic Animation. This method traditionally used hand-drawn sketches that were later animated digitally, but is now mostly vector-based and completed all in software such as Adobe After Effects.

3D Animation:

This is probably the most famous method, made popular by the likes of Pixar and Disney and consists of CGI and Computer Animation of 3D computer-made imagery. Characters in 3D animation are digitally modelled within the chosen program and then fitted with a ‘skeleton’, allowing the animator to move the model. It differs from 2D animation as the animator focuses more on the principles of movement and composition, rather than the drawing element, making it one of the most expensive forms of animation.

Stop Motion:

This is created in a similar style to traditional 2D animation, but uses a series of photographs where real-life objects or characters are moved slightly in each image. This is then stitched together to give the illusion of movement. Styles using this method include Claymation, Puppets, Cut-Outs and Action-Figures.

If the world of animation still confuses you, or you would like to see how a video animation company could work for your business, get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

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