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02 December 2022
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Research says that, in 2022, the global video animation market is expected to reach nearly 391 billion USD which is up 5% from 372 billion USD a year earlier. In fact, the annual figure is forecasted to grow even more, leading to roughly 590 billion USD by 2030. Telling us that all small to medium to large-scale companies should look at using video animation for business.

Companies often have visions and products that they are passionate about. However, when working on marketing techniques, you may overlook the significance of video marketing to boost your business. Video animation for businesses is one of the most powerful marketing tools that can make or break your business.

We have put together this guide to provide you with everything you need to know about the video animation process, professional video animation costs, ways to choose the right video animation company, and more! By the end of this blog, you’ll have unlocked an influential marketing tool for your brand!

How to Make Animated Videos for Business?

Just like any other content creation, animated video production needs a solid outline. You cannot simply open Adobe or iMovie and start creating animated videos without any direction. You must have a plan that can bring optimal results; the best video animation for your business. So, let’s figure out how to create the best video animations for your brand.

1. Write A Professional Video Script

Before working on a video script, you need to know who your target audience is. You may need to conduct research into your target audience to ensure that you create a successful video to communicate with them and actually engage them.

Once you’ve done all the necessary research, the best way to start is to write an animated video production brief and then craft a script that tells your brand story or business idea efficiently. Make sure your script is easy to understand, straight to the point and, most importantly, appealing to your audience. If you work with a video production agency they can help with this and advise accordingly to your goals and audience.

2. Create A Storyboard

Storyboards allow you to visualize how your video will be put together and what elements you will need to animate in your video. It will help you bring your ideas to life and ensure that you are achieving your specific goals relating to your script.

A storyboard, as the term implies will help you understand how a scene will look like. A visual outline of the animated video is a win-win for you. In the storyboard, you can illustrate what you are imagining for your video. How is the lighting? What about the surroundings and characters, if included? How the framing and colouring look. It is completely up to you how you animate your videos.

Make sure to keep it detailed; however, keep in mind that the goal is to have a solid outline that can lead to having the best video animation for your business. Having this storyboard can be a great way to portray your ideas to your video production agency but do not worry if you don't have this as they can do this for you.

3. Create Animation Video

Now comes the production phase where you are going to produce a business animation video. This phase spans the actual filming of your video if there is any real-life footage/ stop motion clips to create. Once you have all the equipment and video production tools including lighting and all, you can start shooting the video.

Time plays a crucial role in making the video successful or unsuccessful. Make sure you have enough time to shoot the video so in case anything goes wrong during shooting, you still have time to make the final corrections. It is all about trial and error, so giving yourself time to do this will benefit you massively.

In addition to that, while creating a business video, make sure you keep a B-roll – extra footage, with you that you might use for the editing process later. Take shots from different angles and locations and make the best out of them.

4. Design Illustrations

While creating animated videos, the design and illustration phase plays a key role to boost the video quality. The process involves taking your best shots and images, stitching them together, recording a voiceover, cropping and cutting the shots/images, colouring the video, and adding special effects or music.

Animations, graphics, animated text, and infographics can take your animated video to next level. For instance, you may want to show an animated graph to show some key figures. Or perhaps, you may add infographics to share your products’ features.

Using these types of approaches will give you some of the most appealing videos which can help you achieve optimal results. You can use video editing software or hire the best video animation services to help you with your project.

Animation videos can be time-consuming and complicated, here at Ideal we can take the pressure out of producing videos for business and work with your brand to produce content that leaves a lasting impression. Why not talk to us about your next video project?

How Much Does an Animated Video Cost?

Business animation video costs can range anywhere from a few thousand to millions of pounds; you could expect to see a great animated video delivered from Ideal Insight for under £6,000. However, it depends on the requirements of the video. In addition to that, the cost of animated videos for business may vary based on elements like the length and style of the video, content creation, the complexity of the project, the timeline for the video completion, and more.

A pro tip is to always communicate with your animated video production service provider. Make sure you ask your questions, share your concerns, and ask about everything you need to know. You may get an estimated cost for the project to better decide whether or not to hire the company. This will avoid any future issues when working together.

Animated Corporate Videos

Animated corporate videos are one of the best ways to boost your brand value. You will be able to engage a massive audience while delivering your message efficiently. Animated videos are very click-worthy and can tell your message quickly and in an engaging way.

Need to attract more prospects, promote your new arrivals, and boost emotional connection with your target audience? An animated corporate video is a wise choice!

Choosing the Right Video Animation Company

Are you looking to create an animated explainer video for your business? Animated video is the right choice to make a good impression on your potential customers and a video production company can make all the difference. The key to cutting through the clutter? Selecting the right and professional animated video production company!

When selecting the right video animation company make sure to consider a few factors. The services of the company, pricing, packages, ability to deliver work under deadline, and expertise make all the difference.

Here are some of our top tips for choosing the right animated video company:

  • Search online for animated video production companies

  • Shortlist 3 to 4 service providers

  • Assess their expertise and skillset

  • Ask for their portfolio or experience

  • Take rough estimates and set a budget

  • Take recommendations from connections, friends and family

  • Check their reviews, rating, and clients’ testimonials

  • Have a detailed discussion and ask queries (if any)

Once you have decided to hire an animated video production company, ask them to provide you with a proposal along with their price estimate. Make sure this will include a project completion timeline and a breakdown of the quotation as well, this will allow you to be sure you’re not being overcharged and getting everything in a timely manner for your business. Contact us today and someone will respond to you within just 2 working hours!

Best Animated Corporate Videos – Examples

Animated videos are a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. One of the best and highly effective ways to promote your business is through animated videos. Beneath are a couple of examples of our animation work and also a popular animation video from Slack:

1. Entropy

One of our favourite animation videos we have produced is for Entropy. We produced this bright and fun animation to explain what they do simply to their audience. They're a company that design, build and refresh web apps, mobile experiences and bespoke products. The animation is bright and fits together seamlessly, we also used a strong sound which fits the video. The animation uses a lot of text so this animation can be enjoyed and understood without the use of sound check it out here.

2. GO2

Recently we created a 3D product promo for GO2 to promote their new nicotine-free stick to help curb smoking. The animation video is simple and showcases the product and its key features in a fun digestible way. It includes a voice-over and uses bright colours to complement the product and engage the audience.

3. Slack

You may have heard about Slack as it is one of the most common and widely used team collaboration software. The company is based in California offering crucial team collaboration services for businesses.

However, creating humour for such a crucial platform is not an easy job. Conveying the message to the target audience with little humour must have been a challenge for the video animation service provider, however, we think they did a pretty good job. Look at this animated video made for Slack and you will love the approach as this is one of the amazing examples of animated corporate videos.

In addition to the list, many other companies like Nestle, ERW, Amazon, and others have used animated videos successfully for a variety of objectives. The majority of corporate video material has a key characteristic and that’s simplicity. Why?

Because the primary aim of making an animated video is to attract your target audience and convey your message effectively. Therefore, make sure to keep the video simple, short, and engaging so you can get as many eyeballs on it as possible.

Summing It Up

Animated corporate videos are the talk of the town recently. They may be used to quickly and clearly describe a product or service, but to assure the production of a flawless business animation video, make sure you do it right!

Producing an animation on your own might wind up costing you a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is highly recommended to talk to an expert video animation company as they can help you produce a high-quality animated video for your business using cutting-edge technology and vast industry experience.

If you have any concerns regarding animated video production, feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to listen to your questions and help you meet your objectives.

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