We Are Here For You During Lockdown

20 January 2021
We Are Here For You During Lockdown feature

As we move swiftly into 2021, we can look back on an incredibly strong year for social video campaigns. Some of the best video campaigns that we saw came about as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and despite the country being in various stages of lockdown, social video didn’t disappoint.

No doubt the beginning of this year will be similar, as the UK has been placed under another national lockdown until at least mid-february. During lockdown we can expect internet usage to rocket as people seek out information, educate themselves on various matters and most relevantly, make informed decisions about purchases. What this means for your organisation is that this is a crucial time to step up as a business, and establish your online presence as front and centre.

When it comes to this, it can be challenging during lockdown to know how to keep your organisation’s video running, as many shoots are at the moment unable to go ahead as they were originally planned. So it’s time to get creative! We are all in this together and at Ideal Insight we want to help. Here’s how we are helping organisations during this tough time:

Shoots Are Go!

In December 2019 Zoom had 10 million daily users across the globe. By April 2020, over 300 million people were using Zoom at any given time (business of apps). If we should learn one thing from this increase it should be how crucial it is to maintain relationships. Whether this is between friends, family or between brands and consumers, during these challenging times it is imperative to stay connected.

Video has been hailed by marketers as the most effective way for brands to communicate with their consumers online (HubSpot) and so we have been working hard to ensure that footage shoots are still available to our clients. Liaising with our creative experts, we will make time to speak with you prior to the shoot, and after sending us a brief, simply post us any products and props- we will take care of the rest. Bespoke video content for products is still at your fingertips.

When shooting for service-based organisations, you want to film your most precious asset, whether that's a product or a person. We’ve adapted our state-of-the-art cameras to set up isolated shoots, where we can film a person or a small group of people by setting up our cameras, and leaving your employees to it! Monitoring the footage in a different location, we are sure to work directly with a qualified Covid Welfare Officer to ensure the relevant precautions are adequately in place.


With live-action shoots becoming troubling during Covid-times, many organisations have turned towards using a video animation company. Although animation doesn’t come without its challenges, due to the accessibility of working on animation remotely, it doesn’t rely on large teams of people being present to shoot.

If this hasn’t convinced you, there are plenty of stats surrounding the capabilities of animation to drive both leads and engagement. A recent study has shown that animated content is able to grab the attention of consumers in less than 1/10th of a second (HubSpot).

Animation is incredibly versatile, it looks great on a landing page, as a testimonial or an explanation video- which are becoming vastly popular to drive customer service. At Ideal Insight we have a team of creative videography experts ready and waiting to create your animated video.

Repurpose Old Video Footage

The challenges of video during these restricted times extend further than just shooting new footage.. Other impacts of the virus include tighter budgets as organisations pulling back their marketing spend due to the hard times. At Ideal Insight, our skilled creative videography experts repurpose old video footage, so if a shoot isn't necessary we’ll save you both time and money.

As well as repurposed footage, we also have access to a large and diverse stock footage library, so no shoot equals no problem!

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