Video Production: A Better Way

13 March 2022
Video Production A Better Way Feature

Quite simply, video marketing is popular because it works.

A recent study has shown that 72% of customers prefer video marketing to receive brand information rather than written text, with almost two thirds of the sample group saying they ignore brand information presented in a written format (HubSpot).

Furthermore, 93% of brands that have utilised video in the last year gained extra custom from the additional traffic driven by video (HubSpot) – more digestible information leads to more qualified interest. With organisations understanding the value of video in today’s consumer market, there is a distinct shift toward video to drive product sales and boost brand identity.

However, the boom of video marketing has resulted in customers often being flooded with online video marketing and demands for video production london services. The challenge for organisations now is to stay ahead of the curve. If your organisation ‘doesn’t do’ video, it's definitely time to reconsider! Or if you do, it’s time to take your business’ video assets to the next level. To create an impressive video that will engage and inspire your audience, it is best to turn to professionals and there sure are lots of agencies available to produce creative video content.

To consider the choice of your agency carefully, here’s what to cover:

The Reality of Video Agencies

When choosing a video content creation agency, the question shouldn’t be if an agency can create awesome content to show off your awesome business, but should instead be how they create this content.

Most video agencies have the expertise and tech available to generate decent enough videos, but the process in which they achieve this is key to finding the correct video agency for you.

When producing a video, regardless of whether it is commercial or corporate video production, testimonial video production or an explanatory video for one of your products, your key consideration should be the customer- and customer expectations are changing. If you’re like most, you’ll expect better quality products, delivered faster- and choosing the right agency service is no different.

The problem with elevated expectations is that many agencies do not reflect the current customer landscape; in the UK the average time it takes a video agency to generate a quote is up to 2 weeks, and then a further 4-6 weeks spent producing the video.

Need a video to promote an announcement you’ve got in two weeks? Tough, with most agencies, you should’ve started conversations two months ago!

This turnaround time is not suitable for today's climate. With pressure to please audiences & customers in real-time, waiting 6-8 weeks for new content just won’t do – especially in the ever-unpredictable world around us right now.

So, although any agency could make a decent video, look for one which is transparent and responsive, shop around to find a suitable one with time frames to fit your projects!

Slick Video Marketing

The secret to running a successful video campaign sounds simple; inspire your audience.

When liaising with an agency it is key to make your content relatable and personalised to your target audience. The average consumer fields literally hundreds of ads every single day, so you’ve got to publish something that’ll get them to stop scrolling and engage for more than a couple of seconds.

In fact, a staggering 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognise them as individuals and provide relevant offers and recommendations through their outreach (MarketingCharts). Despite this, many organisations are not working with agencies efficiently enough to make this happen. 85% of the US and UK internet audience watches videos online, yet 93% of the same group said they weren’t getting any relevant marketing communications (WordStream). In conclusion, make sure the agency you are working with understands your goals and, most importantly, knows how to engage your audience!

New technologies such as animation and virtual 360-degree tours are making videos slicker than ever before, which is helping organisations to adapt to the fast changing world of selling from home. The Ideal Insight drone video services technology has helped ‘elevate’ dozens of videos for our clients in 2020 alone. Robotics such as drones are allowing for affordable, professional birds-eye footage, which can be produced quickly and cheaply due to the capability of the drones to collect footage in as little as fifteen minutes.

Ensure the agency you use has cutting-edge augmented tech capabilities in their filming and production so your video leaves an impression without blowing your budget.

Video Expert Overload

When looking for an agency to work with, you will be flooded with companies promising you the unimaginable. Nowadays, everyone is doing video, or at least everyone thinks they can. In reality, sometimes all a business needs is some well-shot content on a new Iphone to start with.

However, when assigning budget and filtering through agencies, you should be sure to select one with a good reputation and a proven track record. Look for case studies, testimonials and enticing content examples. Even better, be sure to research around the agency and ensure you choose one with an impressive customer portfolio behind them.

Decisions, decisions…. Is There a Better Way?

This is where we come in. We are a global video and social campaigns organisation providing compelling and creative videography designed to inspire your customers.

We pride ourselves in establishing a transparent, affordable and efficient video agency, designed to make video easier. You can get a quote in two hours from one of our content experts, and turn that discussion into reality with a fully-fledged video production cycle of just two weeks.

7 years and over 4,100 shoots later, we’ve been able to sustain long-term customer relationships with both large and small brands across the globe within the rapidly evolving video production landscape.

How do we work differently? By focusing on quality video content delivered in a timely manner and giving direct access to our team of producers via our website, we can start managing your project and provide you with a detailed proposal/quote within just two hours. You can receive your video within just two weeks, with a promise of no hassle and no unwanted surprises between now and then.

We are Ideal Insight, revolutionising and simplifying video production like never before.

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