TV Cameras have Evolved to Bring Football into our Homes… Now Football Might be Coming Home for Real!

09 July 2021
TV Cameras have Evolved to Bring Football into our Homes Now Football Might be Coming Home for Real feature

Football is one of the most-watched games in the world, in the UK alone 25.8 million people tuned in on Wednesday evening to watch the England v Denmark Euro’s semi-final.

With millions of football fans across the world and not enough seats in the stadiums to see the action first-hand, thanks to the detailed coverage of the matches by state-of-the-art TV cameras football fans can be immersed in the action from their living rooms.

From watching sweat dripping down Harry Kane’s face as he scores his extra-time strike against Kasper Schmeichel, to watching the pained look on the England fan’s faces as the England team conceded their first goal of the tournament… when watching football from home, we don’t miss a moment. So how does the TV camera equipment make this possible?


The European Championships matches are broadcast to an average of 130 million viewers. A total of 42 cameras in Wembley Stadium have been assembled for the England v Italy final on Sunday, which will provide 40 broadcasters and over 250 rights-holders footage of the game.

A team of cameramen have been assembled to track the sidelines, keeping in touch with the match and giving viewers the sense they’re right in the middle of the action. This footage is supported by SkyCam, a range of cameras first used in the United States in 1984.

You’ve probably spotted the overhead wires that span from the corners of the football stadiums, these cables suspend SkyCams (hence the sky), which fly through the air capturing unique bird-eye angles of the game, here are some facts about SkyCam:

It can travel at top speeds of 29mph.

Despite its technological abilities, the camera is lightweight and weighs a maximum of 14kg.

It’s built-in with automated obstacle avoidance.

The technical infrastructure to work manage 42 cameras that will capture the final is massive, SkyCam alone requires a small team of pilots to control camera flight and video. The SkyCam has had a huge impact on the way that football is broadcast, and has become a staple videography technology in football.

The Ideal Insight team sends our best wishes to the England Team for the final on Sunday… IT’S COMING HOME!!!

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