Scroll-Stopping Content: 5 Brands That Nail Humour In Their Social Media Content

09 September 2021
Scroll Stopping Content 5 Brands That Nail Humour In Their Social Media Content feature

On Monday morning, our social media team sat down at their desks, and after checking over emails and checking in with a few clients, we gathered in the ‘snug’ corner of our office with coffee and pastries, ready for a brainstorming session.

“Which brands do humour in their social media content the best?”

Our team looked a little confused, as we usually take time on a Friday to discuss social media trends (to ensure we are maximising the potential of recent developments in our industry). However, the Monday weather was a little rubbish outside, and it seemed like a perfect way to kick-start everyone’s creativity for the week!

Fast forward twenty minutes, and we are gathered around our office TV, giggling as we watch AA’s “Love That Feeling” social media video – which is hilarious by the way so definitely give it a watch!

After half an hour of discussion and spontaneous laughter, we crowned the top 5 companies who nail humour in their social media content. Check out who came out on top 👇

5. In fifth place… Netflix

It’s time we accepted it… Netflix is meme-legends. At this point, the Netflix Twitter page has almost become a fully-fledged meme account – and we can’t get enough of it!

They create memes out of our favourite shows and movies and turn them into topical, giggle-provoking meme content. Relatable, right?


4. Innocent Drinks

The social media team at Innocent are renowned for rarely missing a beat. They perfectly pair the promotion of their healthy smoothies and drinks and the healthy sound of their social media followers laughing at Innocent’s social media content.

Note how this particular joke (like many of the ones they post!) has nothing to do with Innocent’s products. The use of comedy content keeps their brand’s name and logo on user’s feeds without boring them. This genius social media tactic means that when Innocent do decide to promote their products, they have a large and engaged audience to sell to.

Innocent Drinks

3. Greggs

Greggs is unexpectedly brilliant at Twitter. They will defend their sausage rolls and pastries to the death, and this is why we love them.
They’ve nailed their sense of humour with a cheeky tone of voice, and expertly use a large amount of user-generated content in their social media strategy, such as replying to negative comments.
Needless to say after thinking about Greggs delicious baked goods on a Monday morning, our team couldn’t resist and so we headed to Greggs for lunch!


2. Oreo

One sure way to get your audience on board is to banter with other brands. The Oreo social media team are always on hand to banter with other well-known brands, using humour to cross-market their products.

Your move, Chips Ahoy 👀


1. Our 2021 winner... Skittles

A packet of Skittles dancing with a cane and a top hat – the thing we didn’t know we needed to see until we saw it.

Skittles doesn’t take life too seriously, and is a well-known brand for throwing down the humour online. Unapologetic and poking fun at their controversial new comment, this Skittles post went viral, with thousands of people rating the product in the comments.


So there we have it, the whistle-stop tour of the best brands that engage their audience online through humour – did you pick up any tips?

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