Our Highlights Of 2022 So Far

20 July 2022

We may only be halfway through 2022, but we’re feeling pretty happy with what we’ve achieved so far. We wanted to take the time to go through some of our favourite projects:

Sensory Charged Video

We started the year with a bang by diving into the world of sensory-charged video.

With the average consumer being exposed to between 6,000 - 10,000 ads per day it is hard to keep them engaged by relying on traditional advertising experiences over and over again. Sensory-charged video offers an alternative way to activate consumer curiosity. A few examples of the content we have created using this new video marketing tool are live on our socials if you want to see what it looks like. We also wrote a blog including everything you need to know about this technique, take a read here.

Ramsay’s Gin

A pretty cool project we got to work on a little while ago was for Gordon Ramsay's new gin brand. We worked in partnership with our sister agency, Together, to edit some of the marketing collateral for their upcoming campaigns. The video shoot took place on the beautiful beaches of St. Andrews in Scotland as the gin features locally sourced botanicals and is made in the local distillery, Eden Mills. Head over to Gordon’s Instagram page here to take a look at the final outcome yourself!

Ramsay Gin 1

College of Paramedics

In June we enjoyed two days at the college of paramedics filming. The plan was to create a film that presents the engagement, inclusion and diversity (EID) within the inclusive environment in paramedicine. Their doors are open to anyone who is looking to become a paramedic. Here's a little montage of the BTS of this project.

College Para 2

Red Letter Days

Working again with our sister agency, Together, we got the opportunity to work on an amazing project for Red Letter Days. They wanted to produce a Mother’s Day themed advert, and we got to capture some heartwarming moments showing the act of gift-giving is more than just the gift itself. We even shared with you the storyboard through to the final product. Take a look at our Instagram page to see the posts!



Things got a little bit saucy with our work for the awesome Dipp’d. We shot different scenes to promote their new range of sauces ‘The Tikka Pack’. They’ve created sauces inspired by the nation's favourite takeaway, Chicken Tikka Masala. Who would've thought that to get the best shots of dipping sauces you would need an ironing board, some wellies, and the ability to climb worktops? We had a lot of fun with this shoot, we got multiple images from in-action sauce shots to the impressive full line-up of the Dipp’d sauces.

Dippd 4


At the beginning of the year, we worked with Pushkahomes to promote their luxury homeware. This project meant the guys could get stuck in and work at many different angles for a variety of products. The team were filming the products in a bespoke showroom and studio environment. We even managed to get the macro probe lens out to get up close and personal for some amazing close-up shots!



During our shoot to create both customer-facing content and internal content for Lawsons we had to create a convincing background. We constructed a backdrop to film in front of so that our filming didn’t disrupt the workplace. Creating this shooting environment was a great way to get the footage we needed efficiently & effectively. Head over to our Instagram page to see the final results and how the custom-made background worked so well!



Another exciting adventure we were part of this year is the shoot for Zero100. We were able to jet off across the pond in the Big Apple, New York. This was pretty exciting stuff and amazing to work with the stunning background of Times Square. We produced over 60 videos for this client as part of an educational series - The LABS session. It was an excellent thought leadership concept surrounding their fully carbon neutral approach, filmed in a studio with dynamic stop-motion style animation. Take a look below at a few of our social shots!


Smile Science

Back & closer to home we shot some advert footage for Smile Science Harley Street to promote their teeth whitening and aftercare kit. We got plenty of shots and videos capturing the bright smiles and displaying their product kits. Follow this link to a couple snaps from the shoot!

Smile Science 8 jpg


We recently did some work with our parent company, MMR, on their Unboxing Campaign. Our very own Dan got to model in this shoot and we worked collaboratively to showcase the campaign theme of ’unboxing’

Unboxing is a leading example of how brands are finding new & creative ways to engage with their audience through user-generated video content. This type of content is becoming increasingly popular as it's an awesome way to involve your audience in your brand so they feel it's more personal.

Take a look at the finished video on our Instagram here.


London Transport Museum

Last month the London Transport Museum hosted a street party event. For this they asked us to get a virtual tour/walk around of the museum. This meant we got to use an awesome bit of equipment - the First Person View Drone (FVP). FPV Drone controllers wear a head-mounted display to capture the exact 'First Person View', allowing them to see what the drone is seeing. Using this, we created a seamless walkthrough showing each room and showcasing the venue ready for the event. Take a look at the final video here.

LTM 10

TIpi Group

With just a jump across the Thames, the team visited the TIpi group offices to film a culture video, filming various roles and featuring testimonials. The final video is brilliant to show the company's very vibey atmosphere, they were friendly and welcoming, we had so much fun on filming day with them - We even got a game of Mario Kart in! We’ve included a couple of snaps from the shoot below, for more snaps head over to our Instagram.

T Ipi 11

Ideal News

Alongside all our client work we’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes. Our team has been busy working to create and design a new website Take some time to have a look around it and let us know what you think!

Along with all these projects we have been working on plenty more. Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with what we are up to.

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