Best Mother’s Day Campaigns Of All Time

14 March 2023
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With Mother's Day just around the corner, we wanted to recap some of the best campaigns we have ever seen about the special occasion. Mother’s Day is the perfect season for brands to release a touching campaign to engage with their audience. Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty good ones, so let’s dive into some of the best Mother’s Day campaigns of all time!

Procter & Gamble Olympics Mother’s Day Campaign

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Whilst not strictly a Mother’s Day campaign, P&G get an honourable mention as we start off with a little throwback to the 2012 Olympics. Procter and Gamble, best known for their wide range of personal care and hygiene products, released a video campaign which flicked through shots of mothers, from all over the world, caring for their children. Coupled with the tagline The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world. Thank you Mom’, this campaign is definitely one of our favourites due to 2 main reasons:

Firstly, the Campaign was released during the 2012 Olympics Games. The brand used this to its advantage as they knew millions of people would be watching the Olympics on TV and keeping up to date on social media. Launching around this time allowed them to get maximum reach for their heartfelt message. The advert focuses on children enjoying playing sport, and how their mothers support them.

Secondly, the campaign was able to connect on a deeply personal level. Focusing on the individuals behind ‘motherhood’, it reminds us all of our unique relationships with our own mothers. Being able to really connect with their audience through this campaign has allowed P&G to re-release a similar concept for each Olympic games since 2012. It’s all down to humanising their brand and carving out a memorable niche through their well-planned timing.

Samsung ‘Texts From Mom’

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In 2015 Samsung uploaded their take on a Mother’s Day campaign and it was brilliant! Their video showcased a bunch of different text messages from ‘Mom’, clearly showing how a lot of moms may struggle sometimes with the latest technology. It has clips of ‘Mom’ asking how to use hashtags, typing in all capitals, taking ‘selfies’ and many more. The video ends with a little tagline saying ‘There’s no one quite like Mom’.

The campaign engaged a lot of people for one main reason; the humour. It’s funny and, to many people, it is highly relatable. It also cements Samsung’s touching tagline and finishes by encouraging viewers to ‘This Sunday, give her a call.’ The campaign shows a perfect balance of sentiment and humour, not being afraid to poke a bit of fun, but ultimately delivering an authentic, positive message.

Baby Dove ‘Under Pressure

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Time to bring on the waterworks. Dove has done well celebrating diversity in many of their campaigns, and in 2022 they took that step a little bit further for their Mother’s Day campaign.

Dove released a video that shows how difficult the postpartum stage for new mothers can be. On Mother’s Day, many brands will celebrate motherhood and the headline joys it brings. Dove wanted to go a little deeper and show the reality of motherhood for many mothers.

This campaign engaged many people for the right reasons; it shows reality and emotion. Not only did this advert make mothers feel good about themselves and realise they are not alone, but it also gives the message that people should appreciate the mothers in their lives. Whether that's their friends, aunties, cousins or even their own mother, Dove aren’t afraid to face facts; parenting isn’t always just sunshine and rainbows.

Dove also created a hashtag campaign called ‘#OneRealPressue’ to give all mothers a chance to share their stories via the hashtag and bring awareness to postpartum. It was a brilliant add-on to the campaign as it allowed parents from all over to connect and share their Mother’s Day stories with one another.

Sephora ‘Inclusive Motherhood’

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Next up on our list is the 2022 Sephora Mother’s Day campaign. Taking a bit of a different route from the traditional storytelling videos, Sephora conducted interviews with many different mothers for their video.

Sephora’s video shows that motherhood comes in many different shapes and sizes, showing drag mums, adoptive mums, step mums, biological mums, mentor mums and many others. The video celebrates the differences for many and gives their participants a platform to explore their own take on motherhood.

The campaign got a lot of attention because it helps all different mums feel recognised and appreciated. For many generations, it is easy for one to lose confidence in themselves, so for one of the biggest make-up brands in the world to make a campaign celebrating our differences is truly heartwarming and will really boost the confidence of many viewers. Championing individuality makes it a strong contender for first place in our books.

Red Letter Days ‘The Greatest Gift You Can Give Is Time’

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Last, but certainly not least, is Red Letter Days’ 2021 campaign. At Ideal Insight we get the chance to work with many amazing clients alongside our sister agency Together, and for this project, we got the opportunity to create a campaign for Mother’s Day for Red Letter Days.

Together had the task of building a storyboard for the campaign, while we filmed and edited the piece. The campaign portrays a mother listening to voicemails from her daughter, apologising for missing her calls. The ending of the video shows the daughter and mother finally uniting, with the final message from the video reinforcing the importance of spending time with your mothers is the best gift to give. This doubles up as an excellent promotion of their experiences day products as the perfect way to get time together. If you want to check out this campaign click here, we (unbiasedly) guarantee you will love it.

The video is a genuine favourite of ours as it’s so heartwarming and creates emotion for viewers as it sensitively portrays a type of ‘loneliness’ that some mothers may feel when their older children grow up, but brings it round with a heartwarming and positive takeaway message.


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we can’t wait to see what campaigns our favourite brands will bring out this year!

At Ideal Insight we know the ins and outs of filming campaigns and we love getting to know what your audience wants, so if you’re thinking of making a Mother’s Day campaign, or looking to level up your video marketing, get in touch with us today!

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