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28 June 2024
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Welcome to Britain. We complain when it’s cold, and complain when it’s hot. There’s no ‘just right’ temperature, it’s just how it is here. But that’s probably why we love it so much - it makes us cherish the perfect moments in between. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite summer campaigns that capture these perfect summer twilight moments. They shed light on what makes summer special, blending a curation of sunny moments, typical summer essence, and relatably compelling stories.

By highlighting the joys of the season with vibrant, colourful, and musical themes, the following ad campaigns are the ones that we feel truly encapsulate the pleasures of the summer times we all yearn for when it’s cold, and endlessly rant about when they finally come around:

Share a Coke


Coca-Cola - Share a Coke

Launched in Australia in 2011, the Share a Coke campaign went on to be one of the most successful and memorable marketing initiatives to date. The campaign involved replacing the iconic Coca-Cola logo on bottles with popular names and phrases, with the idea of creating a personal and shareable experience for consumers.

The Australian ad was filled with summery feelings, upbeat music, and typical sun-soaked settings, all accented by many shots of individuals and friends gifting each other personalised Coke bottles. Did it give us a bigger yearning for summer? Absolutely.

Whilst Coke is often heralded for its peerlessly iconic Christmas campaigns, this is one of their summer marketing campaigns that should be noticed. It launched in the UK market in 2013, continuing until as late as 2019 in some areas of the world, making it a wide-reaching campaign that served the brand all too well.

The impact of the ad was huge. Due to its success in Australia, the campaign was rolled out globally in over 80 countries, with each market adapting the campaign to include popular local names. The campaign also leveraged social media platforms, and encouraged users to share pictures of their personalised bottles using the hashtag #ShareaCoke, ultimately generating a massive online buzz.

Overall, the Share a Coke campaign stands out as one of the landmarks in summertime marketing for its creativity and powerful personalisation strategies, leading to a hugely successful campaign that created engagement with consumers on a global scale.

Specs its coming home thumbnail


Specsavers - It’s Coming Home

This one really hits close to home, and it launched in the Summer of 2021, decorating massive billboards throughout the UK. Specsavers cleverly timed this marketing initiative in line with the 2021 Euros and ran a print ad campaign featuring the phrase ‘It’s Coming Home’ designed like an eye test chart. This simple yet effective design gained a lot of traction on Twitter and encapsulated the country’s optimism at the time.

The campaign was a viral success and epitomised what reactive marketing is all about. Its quiet and witty nature led it to be widely shared across a variety of platforms, increasing the visibility of the brand during the World Cup and receiving a very positive reception from the general public. Marketing professionals also applauded the campaign for its creativity and effectiveness in leveraging a viral phrase and then spinning out their print ads from there onwards.

By combining timely relevance, humour, and brand consistency, Specsavers created a highly effective and memorable marketing moment that rang with authentic context and generated a lot of buzz.

EXTRA Gum ad


Wrigley’s Extra Gum - For When It’s Time

This one was a bit of a teary one for us. Wrigley’s maxed out on the emotional resonance of this particular campaign back in April 2021, leveraging the global context of the COVID-19 pandemic to create a truly powerful narrative. By leaning on emotional storytelling, they used a heartfelt and relatable narrative to connect with their audience, with their ad depicting people emerging from lockdowns, rediscovering social interactions, and enjoying the small moments of life they may have taken for granted once upon a time, all while chewing Extra!

The campaign successfully tapped into the collective emotional experience of the pandemic by focusing on the burning anticipation of returning to normal life as well as the rush of reuniting with loved ones. It’s safe to say that this strategy evoked a strong emotional response from viewers who had similar feelings of isolation and a deep longing for social interaction.

Let’s not forget the fact that it was funny. This was perhaps what made it so resonating - the ability to balance humour and emotion is a widely recognised coping mechanism, and this campaign did that well. By showing scenes of overgrowing hairdos, quarantine weight gain, and the excitement of getting back to pre-pandemic activities, the Extra campaign was both touching and entertaining at the same time.

The impact of the campaign was realised in the rapid generation of views, racking up millions of impressions across various platforms and ultimately receiving widespread acclaim for its touching and timely message. It goes without saying that by associating Extra Gum with moments of reconnection and joy, the campaign bolstered the brand’s image as a companion for significant life moments.

Now you can


Heineken - Now You Can

Bottoms up! Heineken’s Now You Can campaign was an effort to spread awareness and promote their alcohol-free beer, Heineken 0.0. The campaign launched in 2019 and aimed to change consumer perceptions and attitudes towards non-alcoholic beer, all the while broadening its appeal. The campaign was launched in response to the growing trend of health-conscious consumption, with more people looking for ways to enjoy social occasions without consuming alcohol. The campaign’s goal was to promote Heineken 0.0 and integrate it into social drinking occasions.

The tagline “Now You Can” is the central idea behind the campaign; with Heineken 0.0, consumers can enjoy a cold beer in situations where it was previously inappropriate or impossible to drink alcohol. This tagline gets straight to the point in encapsulating this new freedom and flexibility.

The campaign used humour and relatable situations to connect with the audience. For instance, one ad showed an office worker enjoying a Heineken 0.0 during a meeting, surprising his colleagues who expected him to be drinking alcohol. This approach amplified the campaign's reach, and its consistent global message while adapting to local contexts contributed to its widespread success. This balance ensured that the campaign resonated with diverse audiences around the world while tapping into the growing health and wellness trend.

The Now You Can campaign helped establish Heineken 0.0 as a leading product in the non-alcoholic beer category, and not only drove short-term sales but also positioned Heineken as an innovative and forward-thinking brand that caters to evolving consumer preferences.

Overall, the "Now You Can" campaign by Heineken stands out as a successful example of how a brand can effectively launch and promote a new product by tapping into cultural trends, using humour, and executing a well-coordinated global strategy.

Hopefully, these ads will give you the summery inspiration you’re looking for. The success of these ad campaigns hinged largely on their showcase of personalisation, timely relevance, emotional resonance, and strategic positioning in marketing, all accompanied by some rays of sunshine. Leverage these approaches into your own strategy to create ads that not only capture attention but foster meaningful connections with your audience.

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