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20 Video Uses For Your Business That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

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  • Nick Twigg

When it comes to marketing, video is king and it’s taken the marketing world by storm. It’s projected that video will continue to grow, from 2017 to 2024 WordStream predicted that digital video ad expenditure will increase by a massive 41.9%. 

Consumer consumption of video is going up, as is the number of companies investing in video marketing – how can you ensure that your online video stands out?

How are we using online video?

Video is a crucial part of any social media strategy. In their State of Video Marketing Survey 2021, WordStream spoke to video marketers across the UK, and discovered the most popular video types made by marketers:

With the majority of video marketers producing video with the same purpose the space is becoming congested. How can you break the mainstream and be original with your use of video?

Video uses that you haven't thought of yet





















Come to think of it… maybe we’ll make a video out of these points!

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