Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International



Philip Morris International is the world's largest cigarette company, whose brands include Marlboro, L&M, Chesterfield etc.  Our challenge was to create videos to launch their new IQOS device (smoke-free) within very tight brand constraints and help reposition the brand from otherwise providing unhealthy products to consumers globally.


We created inspirational consumer stories of how the IQOS smoke free devices have benefited them in their life over smoking . Each consumer had differing backgrounds and paths in life to create engaging content for a wide-range of demographics to ensure maximum reach.


Being seen globally as a cigarette umbrella brand,  we had to tread carefully when it came to branding to ensure that  'IQOS' was presented as  independently as possible with no 'damaging' healthcare stigmas attached to IQOS or impinge on any of their other brands .


As this project concluded only 2 weeks ago and the videos are currently being used to convert people from smoking cigarettes to using IQOS devices,  there are no KPIs as of yet.  

The overall feedback however has been outstanding and we are already in talks to produce a larger next series of videos with PMI .

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