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Video Insights; It’s A No-Brainer

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In a world that’s driven by visual content, market research needs to be doing more to keep up. The industry needs to be better at simplifying the complex, communicating the story that sits within the data and making the commercial message clear and actionable for both internal and external stakeholders.

That’s why MMR has partnered with video production agency Ideal Insight; challenging themselves to be a truly creative player within the industry – delivering not only actionable but inspiring insight to CPG clients across the globe. With a mission to step-change traditional research deliverables, MMR is enhancing data by bringing the story to life through 90-second animated videos that sit alongside the full report. 

Though arguably, and to quote MMR’s Global CEO, the best infographic ever created is the bar chart – the days of sitting through hours of PowerPoint slides that cut research data every-which-way could be (and in MMR’s opinion, should be) banished from the boardroom. When faced with statistics that show 95% of a message is remembered when it’s watched (versus only 10% when read), and with the increasing expectation to do more with less, it’s hard to argue otherwise. 

As consumer attitudes are fragmenting, brands must work harder to grab attention and even harder still to retain it. We’ve recently seen the likes of Pepsi (Kendall Jenner), Nike (Colin Kaepernick) and Gillette (The Best A Man Can Be) use the power of video to make a statement and engage consumers. Though these brands saw varying degrees of success (and a whole lot of media backlash), all three went viral within hours – raising brand awareness and leading disruption in their respective categories. You might not agree with their message, but you’re talking about them – attention is grabbed. If you enjoyed a positive experience when watching, purchase probability increases by 97% – attention is retained.

Consumption of content in this way shows no sign of stopping; it’s predicted that by 2020 there will be almost a million minutes of video crossing the internet per second! We simply have to do more to immerse ourselves in this reality. So, what better way than by truly bringing the consumer to the heart of the product and pack development process via punchy, easy to digest video summaries with crystal clear messaging – easily shared throughout your organisation at the click of a button too, so you don’t have to add another meeting to your senior stakeholder’s already rammed schedule. The rise in success of agile businesses means more traditionally led companies are being left behind; the rapid start-up mentality is key to increasing engagement with consumers.

That’s where Ideal Insight take center stage. Based in London and New York, and led with commercial creativity at its core, Ideal Insight works with brands such as Carlsberg, o2 and Ogilvy to simplify the most complicated of concepts into digestible and engaging formats. The partnership with MMR allows the team of dedicated video professionals to provide class-leading visual reporting in the research market space while adding another creative string to the MMR Group bow.

Check out the latest animation showreel from Ideal Insight to find out how to maximise your research findings, beyond the debrief presentation. Ideal Insight provide video production services in London, New York and Milan.

For more information, get in touch with Ideal Insight directly at here.

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