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If you follow us on our social media accounts, you’ll see our videographers are here, there and everywhere capturing authentic footage to drive leads to businesses like yours.

We get asked lots of questions about our Videographers – where they go, what they do, what equipment they take with them – and so we figured that we would show you. A massive shoutout to Brydn, one of our creative experts, who vlogged his way around London during a shoot with Unite Students. See what Brydn and the crew got up to:

Unite Students Shoot 21.05.21

Unite Students are one of the largest providers of student accommodation in the country, spanning over 25 locations in the UK. They are known for their clean, secure and inspiring accommodation and facilities, including bedrooms, study rooms, common rooms and gyms.

Early Start

(6:30 am) Brydn and Rob had an early start, with the taxi arriving to pick them up at 6:30 am. Here’s a top tip for your next shoot – any successful video shoot begins with planning. Before the shoot, Brydn – who was the assigned creative expert – sent a detailed plan to the client, and ironed out where the shoot would take place and how the shots would be captured.

To ensure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible, we ask clients to be engaged during the planning process. This involves deciding key details for the shoot such as which locations and rooms will be filmed, if members of staff or residents will be filmed or if additional actors will be needed (which of course your Account Manager will sort!).

For the Unite Students shoot, Brydn and Rob knew they needed to capture areas of London as well as the student accommodation, and to do this they packed a slider. Sliders allow you to smoothly move the camera on a horizontal plane, which was perfect for capturing the hotspots of London.

(7:20 am – 12:29 pm) The tour of London’s hotspots started at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium and then extended to Camden Lock, the British Library and Lord’s Cricket Ground. The sun was shining, and London was looking as inviting as ever.

The Afternoon

(12:50 pm) On the taxi journey towards the University of London accommodation sites to be featured in the promotional video for Unite Students, Brydn and Rob reminisced on the last Unite Students shoot they worked on together. In January, Brydn and Rob travelled to the University of Leeds, in a similar showcase of the city and student accommodation.

However, in January the UK was under strict lockdown restrictions, which included university campus’ being closed and the students taking classes from home. The campus’ and accommodation we filmed were silent, with no signs of any students.

As we pulled up to the London School of Economics and Political Science, the campus was bustling with students studying and socialising and it was fantastic to see!

Shooting Accommodation

(2:04 pm) Brydn and Rob were teamed up with a small army of student volunteers, who were filmed in their bedrooms, common rooms and study centres. Rob also found time for a short workout – refer to the video above for exclusive Rob workout footage – we can’t wait for the release of the full workout video Rob!

(6:45 pm) After a busy day of shooting, the taxi returned and Rob and Brydn stopped by the Ideal Insight office in Hatton Garden to pack the kit they needed for their shoot the next day. Another shoot, another happy client… and that’s a wrap!

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